What Would Warren Buffett Do?

Written By Kim Delaney

Apparently, he would BUY RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE…that’s what Warren Buffett would do in this economy! In an interview this week with CNBC, Billionaire businessman Warren Buffett said he would be buying up tons of single family homes and keeping them as an investment, if it were practical for him to do so. Buffett told CNBC that along with equities, he thinks real estate is a solid investment now, thanks to historic low interest rates and the large and varied inventory of property for sale. He even went so far as to advise buyers to take out 30-yr mortgages and refinance if the rates go down even further.

This is great news for investors who have a little money to spend, and even better news for companies like National Realty Group (www.nrgusarealestate.com) whose business model focuses on the residential real estate market and the fantastic opportunities available to both seasoned investors and those with not as much experience but the desire to strike while the iron is hot. With companies like NRG, investors are buying renovated, tenanted properties in markets that are stabilizing and realizing rental yields upwards of 20%…nowhere else can investors see a return like that in this economy. So take some advice from one of the most accomplished and savvy business people around. Invest in the residential real estate market…it’s what Warren Buffett would do!

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