July 19, 2016

PIP Group wins Master Investor of the Year

Think Realty Magazine, the nation’s oldest, continuously publishing news magazine, dedicated to individual real estate investing, honors 19 outstanding leaders in the industry niche with the 2016 Think Realty Awards of Distinction.


The prestigious awards will be presented in August in San Francisco as part of Think Realty’s Global Conference – an event bringing investors from across the globe to California to network, get educated, and make deals. “The real estate investing niche is really coming of age, with many more small investors embracing this as a proven way to build wealth, and many businesses there to help,” said Linda Wienandt, Editor-in-Chief of Think Realty Magazine. “These awards are a way to recognize the best of the best in the industry each year and promote the ethical practices that are essential to its continuing acceptance by mainstream investors. We congratulate all the winners and look forward to celebrating their achievement in San Francisco.”


The 19 categories encompass major components of the industry, including Property Management; Single-Family, Multifamily, Commercial and Alternative-Asset investors; Lenders’ Portfolio Manager and others, culminating with the Master Investor of the Year and Think Realty Humanitarian of the Year.


They’re Baaaaaccckkk:

Illinois Tax Sales Coming Up Fast

The opportunity that was once the “bread and butter” of PIP – remains a top performer


If you keep up with our periodic publications, you heard us discuss in April how we witnessed of $18mm spent in Illinois tax sales(last year) at a 0% return – yes, I said ZERO! We know the methodology to this madness, but what it essentially means, is $18mm spent in the hopes to earn less than 3% over 24 months. Those are margins that would keep us up at night!


We do see these types of bidders from time to time, but never with this much capital and it is usually a three-year swing, from the time they show up in Illinois, to the time they are bust. This will be their third year, which means we expect more bizarre bidding, as we saw last year. As a result, we will be limiting our individual capital placement to $3mm this year. That is ⅔ LESS than our capital placements (each year) for the past 7 years. We don’t expect the competition alone will cause us to limit placement by ⅔. However, Illinois has recently increased its taxes to nearly the highest in the country and as a result, we expect to see far more liens to purchase. We intend to increase our selection criteria to very, very high standards and bid extremely conservatively. In doing so, we will increase competition against ourselves and therefore, will attend far more sales to meet our standards.


Check out all the cool, new features and information on our newly designed website!


North Carolina is Quickly Gaining Momentum Among PIP Clients as a Favorite

Why are we the best at what we do? Because we are large enough to have the resources to get great deals and move investments efficiently, but small enough to know our investors and focus our abilities at squeezing the most profit for them.


The PIP Group has been a servicer for 17 years, which was long before the term “turn-key servicer” became such a household name. Our retention in both the industry and with our customers is due to a calculated formula of slow growth and proper market study, before investing in a new market. Charlotte, Greensboro, and Winston-Salem are the newest markets to the PIP list of opportunities. These markets have proven to be solid opportunities for our investors, with similar experiences/profits to our already popular Georgia acquisitions


The New “Stuff Happens” Promise – You Want to Read This! The PIP Group is very good at mitigating risk and therefore, maximizing profits. Unlike what you often see on some of these “reality” shows, investing in distressed real estate is not as simple as it may seem. What looks like a huge opportunity on the outside, could quickly become a huge loss when you get inside. In most circumstances, you cannot see the whole picture, before you invest, so it is important to build in a worst case scenario for your margins and have a game plan, should that actually happen.
Although it does happen, this is not a “double your money every flip” investment. Conservatively, your returns should be north of 20% (annualized) on a regular basis. That doesn’t mean however, that we don’t get caught from time to time, where the potential to make 20% (or more) falls into tight margins. That is why we are now offering a Performance Guarantee! If your performance/profits are not a net return to you of at least 16%, you owe us nothing! The “Stuff Happens Promise” isn’t needed often; but, when it is, we want to make sure the performance of your investments will still continue to exceed anything comparable in the industry.

About the author 

Charles Sells

Charles Sells is the founder and CEO of The PIP Group, a turnkey service provider that focuses on investments in distressed real estate assets including tax liens, tax deeds, traditional foreclosures, fix-and-flips and long-term cash flow acquisitions. He has been involved in tax lien investing for over 20 years, during which time The PIP Group has grown to become one of the largest agencies of its kind with nearly 1,000 individual and institutional investors worldwide.

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