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At The PIP Group, we strive to satisfy our clients and exceed their expectations. By investing conservatively and smart, we are able to achieve impressive results for our investors. Read some of The PIP Group reviews that our clients have to say about their experiences investing.

“I am very satisfied with my experience with The PIP Group and would highly recommend them to anyone thinking of investing in tax liens. I had studied tax lien investing and when I found The PIP Group and learned that they did all of the hard work: due diligence, attending the auctions, managing the holdings and foreclosures, the decision to use them was a total no-brainer.

The folks at PIP spent a good half-hour or more on the phone with me answering my questions and explaining their criteria for purchasing liens as well as all of the risks involved. Don’t try to do it yourself when you can hire an expert to do it for you.”

Tom R.

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“I have been investing with The PIP Group for over 3 years.  During that time, I have invested in tax lien certificates, a tax deed property, and a foreclosure with a fantastic the return on investment. More than that, though, has been PIP’s incredible service. Everything is done for me, investments are found and vetted, repairs made, and properties listed and sold.  The PIP Group manages my real estate investments that I have with them and always careful to keep me in the loop. 

I have recommended The PIP Group’s ervices to friends and family and look forward to continuing to do business with them for a long time.”

Douglas C.

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I have been a client of the company since 2011 and have purchased Tax Liens (since 2011) and done a fix and flip in 2017. First let’s be clear that Tax Liens are a very complex investment. Also, the investment rules for tax liens vary from state to state. The possible outcomes from buying a tax lien are many but the profitability from investing in tax liens can be quite good for those that are willing to invest the time into learning the nuances. I have looked at a few of the real estate companies that invest in tax liens. At The PIP Group, they make it very clear that you’re not going to get the property for pennies on the dollar. Why? Because there will often be other costs to clear title and/or clean up the property. The PIP Group worked with my IRA Custodian to get the property paperwork in order. Secondly, their team of contractors to perform the rehab on the property and managed the work. Going in to the transaction they notified me of the estimated fix and flip time and were pretty close in estimating the total time. I would recommend The PIP Group for property fix and flip investments and tax lien investments.

Steven H.


Excellent company to work with.

Douglas C.

I’ve invested in 2 buy/fix/flip projects with PipGroup over the last 18 months and just started on a 3rd fix/flip in GA. They do exactly what they say. They find distressed properties in areas they have experience with, analyze the opportunity, rehab the property with their crews and resell the property for a profit. My last 2 rehabs netted me 24% and 20% on an annual basis. Turn around time has been 6-11 months. I’m looking forward to a similar return on my newest GA property fix/flip. Its been a learning experience for an investor like me that’s used to hands on control. But, they deliver without me lifting a hammer any more.

Chuck M.

I have been a client of PIP since 2011, investing mainly in their Illinois tax liens through my self directed IRA. Tax lien laws and returns vary from state to state, but PIP is extremely knowledgeable and seamlessly walks you through the process. They offer countless webinars to enhance your skills, explain what to expect before, during, and after your purchase of tax liens. They are a full turn-key service provider who handles the purchase, management, O&M, and liquidity of investments. They happily share their knowledge and genuinely want you to be as knowledgeable and successful in your investments and investment decisions. They are accessible to answer questions and to assist in issues that may arise, which as a client, I really appreciate. I highly recommend them to a seasoned investor or a novice who wants to learn and profit from their service.

Derrick T.

“The PIP Group has done a great job explaining the tax lien and deed business. They answered every question and their customer service is second to none. The best thing I can say is that they are making me money and they always keep me well informed with their great customer service.”

Glenn K.

PIP Investor

“I have had only the most positive encounters with everyone at The PIP Group, and that includes people in various roles within the organization. It’s always difficult to know who to trust with investment decisions and strategies, and more so for someone like me who is already at retirement age and still trying to recover and rebuild from stock market losses (and consequently having an aversion to investing in the markets) that occurred years ago.  I had never heard about tax liens until about 4 years ago when a PIP Group executive took the time to walk me through the process and answer every question patiently and thoroughly.  I invested in liens for the next three years, and as the process unfolded I often had additional questions. The manner in which their team handled every question or concern I had caused me to build up a tremendous amount of trust for the company. That trust made it easy for me to leap into a different types of property investments with them. There have been some unexpected challenges that are a part of investing in real estate but they have come up with solutions and positive returns on my investments which is the most important thing. 

Susan B.


I have been investing with PlP Group for 7 years now and can attest to their unparalleled professional client management, and results for clients. The PIP Group team are fully committed to excellence in every aspect of their business and strive to make the very best effort for the investors. Highly recommended!

Daniel M.

I was introduced to PIP ten years ago and invested in tax liens for the first time. All together they purchased and managed for my benefit around 20 tax liens. Most as advertised paid of timely with nice returns. A few unfortunately did not and PIP initiated foreclosures and the timing stretched on for several years. You often learn more about a company by how they respond when things go poorly and that would be true of my experience with PIP. They remained responsive and in the end while I did not profit on all of my liens PIP continued to work on my behalf. It took time but, other than some opportunity cost, my investments were satisfied without any significant loss. PIP communicates well and does not run away when the going gets tough.

Michael M.

I didn’t have the time to buy tax liens so I hired PIP to buy Illinois tax liens for me. And they did so through my self directed IRA. They were always kind & helpful. The most important part is they live up to there promise. Even bringing me better than the predicted return. I highly recommend Platinum Investment Properties.

Darrel H.

We learned how to invest in tax liens and tax deed properties three years ago. We bought two properties and rehabbed them ourselves. It is very stressful and full of dishonest contractors and people who we found we could not trust. After buying a tax deed property through PIP we let them do the work and see how it all went. To our surprise they are not only honest but excellent in every aspect of the business! They protect their clients investment. The return on our money is more stable than the Stock Market and a much higher return. Now we trust them with our investments and plan to for years to come.

Jessie S.

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