The PIP Group Employs a Proven Strategy That Can Earn Our Clients More Than 24%/YR Return. The PIP Group invests in distressed property investments.

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Due to the various ever-changing laws, policies and procedures per state and county, the purchase and management of tax lien investments can seem overwhelming to most novice investors. The members of the PIP Group’s team of experts have the extensive knowledge, experience and continued research to assure that each step is properly executed and our clients are educated and informed along the way.

Our investment strategy guarantees that whether it is a strong market or a weak market, our clients consistently earn average returns above 24% per year on their investment.


  • Certificate: 2011-01006
  • Parcel: 16003238002 09
  • Inventory date: 12/28/2012
  • Market Value: $80,773.00
  • Lien Cost: $1,675.68
  • Rate: 17%
  • Foreclosure Filled: 12/31/15
  • Foreclosure fees: $2,324.33
  • Back Taxes: $6,033.51
  • Total Investment: $10,033.50
  • Hypothetical:

    • Sell for: $60,386.50
    • Profit: $50,353.98