The PIP Group Employs a Proven Strategy That Can Earn Our Clients More Than 24%/YR Return on Their Redeemed Liens. The PIP Group invests in distressed property investments including tax liens, tax deed purchases, fix-and-flips and more.

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Due to the various ever-changing laws, policies and procedures per state and county, the purchase and management of tax lien investments can seem overwhelming to most novice investors. The members of the PIP Group’s team of experts have the extensive knowledge, experience and continued research to assure that each step is properly executed and our clients are educated and informed along the way.

Our investment strategy guarantees that whether it is a strong market or a weak market, our clients consistently earn average returns above 24% per year on their investment.

The PIP Group focuses on the highest-interest-yield tax liens, the highest amount of equity to secure the lien, and a high-yield compounding effect through reinvestment of redemption proceeds in more tax liens. Our strategy matched with a unique fee structure helps ensure our clients' success.

Step 1: Define Tax Lien Investors

Tax default investors come in all  shapes and sizes, just like the assets they are trying to acquire. Knowing the type of investor you are is the first step in becoming a successful tax buyer. It never ceases to amaze us at the PIP Group when we see someone who clearly has the reputation for being a Redemption Investor but who spends millions on what is obvious (to most) on acquisitions that are more for a Property Investor. Knowing your exit strategy long before you even consider investing will make your experiences in this industry much more pleasant.

So the biggest question, before you read on, is………… What type of investor are YOU?

Property Investors

Investors in this category are more interested in obtaining property at a fraction of market value, yet also need a FAIR yield should the lien redeem. PIP Group focuses on states where the redemption laws are more aggressive, which increases the chances of foreclosure. However, we also focus on states where if the lien/deed redeems, the yield will be better than average.

Georgia – 20% – 12 Months

Texas – 25%/50% – 6/24 Months

South Carolina – 12% – 12 Months

Redemption Investors

Investors in this category are more interested in obtaining a conservative, HIGH-yield return upon the redemption/payment of their tax liens. For this type of investor, PIP Group focuses on states where the redemption laws are longer/less aggressive, yet provide a high annual compounding yield.

Illinois – 36% – 36 Months

Iowa – 24% – 24 months

Step 2: Complete Agency Agreement

Once we (or you) figure out the TYPE of investor you are and the appropriate exit strategy for your goals, you will become a client. There are multiple models to choose from in our Agency Agreement.

Step 3: Due Diligence

The PIP Group handles everything for you, so now it is time to kick back and let us do our thing! Depending on the area of investment, it can take a few months for us to complete the due diligence, attend the auctions and place the funds.

Step 4: Reporting and Ongoing Maintenance

Placing the funds is merely the beginning! For many agents, “turnkey” just simply means “investor-ready.” The PIP Group is truly a turnkey investor agency handling 100% of the oversight of your investments while allowing you to retain 100% ownership of the investment and “push-button” control of each action involved with the investment. From simply accounting for your funds, all the way through the repair and sales of a foreclosure, the PIP Group will handle it all!


  • Certificate: 2011-01006
  • Parcel: 16003238002 09
  • Inventory date: 12/28/2012
  • Market Value: $80,773.00
  • Lien Cost: $1,675.68
  • Rate: 17%
  • Foreclosure Filled: 12/31/15
  • Foreclosure fees: $2,324.33
  • Back Taxes: $6,033.51
  • Total Investment: $10,033.50
  • Hypothetical:

    • Sell for: $60,386.50
    • Profit: $50,353.98