Invest in Illinois Tax Liens

Illinois Tax Sales are going off the wall!
We want to increase the capital placements! Let’s work together to take advantage of this great opportunity while it lasts!

If you have been thinking about investing in Illinois, but were not sure if you were ready, NOW is the time to give us a try.
For our more seasoned investors, it is time to “double-down”!

Here’s the deal,

For the next TWO weeks, we are offering phenomenal discounts to both new and current clients.
The details are below.

  • 1% reduction in new investment fees! A 30% reduction in normal new investment fees.
  • 2% Reduction in Rollover Placements! A 50% reduction in rollover placements fees.

But remember, we will only be accepting funds at the discounted rate, for the next three weeks.  After that, the best sales start to decline and we will go back to our standard mode of operation. 

This year and this opportunity stand to lead us to one of our most successful years on record!

The PIP Group, founded by Charles Sells in 2004, began with just $4,000, one guy and four potential investors, willing to invest $20,000 in a little-known investment – Tax liens. Today, The PIP Group is known as one of the largest agencies of its kind, with more than 700 investors worldwide. The PIP Group represents investors both large and small – with literally hundreds of thousands of transactions made for tens of millions of dollars every year