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Info on Contracts for Deed

Contract for Deed, Lease Purchase Agreement, Owner Finance, Private Mortgage, Lease Option, Performing Note Acquisition…….Whatever you want to call it, they are all pretty much just a different shade of the same thing. You own a property, somebody else wants to own that property, you sell them the property and finance over a short period of time. The process usually works something like this:

  1. A long-term occupant/renter learns his landlord has not been paying his taxes on the property.
  2. By notice from The PIP Group, we inform the occupant that our clients are now the owners and if they promise to not destroy the place, we promise not to evict them.
  3. In fact, not only will we not evict them, we will sell them the place with payment terms that are very similar to the rents they are already paying.

We enable occupants to become owners, where traditional financing (through a bank) is not an option for them. It is a Win/Win/Win, as many of these buyers are disabled veterans, elderly folks on fixed income, or just folks who got a bad hand in life.

  • At Least 15% earned on acquisition, plus amortized interest accrual
  • Occupied and Cash Flowed the day you buy
  • Fair/Non-Predatory Terms for Occupant
  • 8.5% – 9.5% Amortized Non-Recourse Terms
  • 1 – 5 Year Terms (more if you wish)
  • Sold to Occupant = $3200
  • 2yr Term @ 9.25% Amortized = $35,174.04
  • Monthly Payment = $1465.59
  • Total Payments = $3,174.04
  • Sold to Investors = $24,000
  • Gross Cash on Cash Return = 46.6% or $11,174.04
  • Annualized = 23.3%

Home Ownership Preparation Experts

The PIP Group has extensive knowledge about Home ownership. We consider ourselves the Home Owner Preparation Experts.  We live to share our knowledge with prospective and current investors. We do all the work while still keeping you informed and updated with us.

We couldn’t think of a better way to explain this opportunity to you, than with the short video animation of how this works.

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