Fix & Flips

Invest in one of the most popular investment opportunities with a truly turn-key service provider that you can trust. As a turn-key service provider, The PIP Group invests with you and handles the due diligence, acquisition, repairs, management and liquidity of the Fix-and-Flip investment. Our profits are based off of performance, meaning we profit when you profit.

  • Historically, better than 20% NET to our investors.
  • Opportunities and Acquisitions Available every day.
  • Average Length of Investments is 6-9 months.
  • Investments in GA, SC, NC, IL.
  • A TRUE Turn-Key Service Provider.

How it works

Without a doubt, the easiest, most passive and, currently, most profitable investment The PIP Group has to offer.

  1. Educate: View the free webinars and tutorials available to you on our website.
  2. Pick a Plan: Our Agency Agreement comes with different options to accommodate every investor’s exit strategy and performance objectives. Read, review and choose a plan that best fits your needs as an investor.
  3. Send Funds: Three days before auctions start, we will request your funds to be deposited into your individually insured investor trust account.
  4. Relax and Watch as The PIP Group Works for you: You will get continuous updates through your online account dashboard. You will have access to before, during and after pictures. Take this time to review your deeds and other related documents, and ask us any questions you may have along the way.

What is a Turn-Key Service Provider?

Depends on who you ask!

  1. Some offer investments, ready to buy. Essentially, all they have done is become your middleman, and will sell you a property that has already gone through all the stages of foreclosure—mark it up and flip it to you for fixes and resale.
  2. Turn-key Cash Flow requires a little more effort. They purchase the property, make the repairs, cash flow it with a tenant earning a decent annualized return, mark it up as much as they can and sell it to you. Guess what? The tenant is now YOUR problem!
  3. A True Turn-Key Servicer: There is no markup and there is no middle man. You are not being sold an investment and left on your own to fix it, flip it, or manage a tenant in it. The provider (The PIP Group) invests with you. We handle the due diligence, acquisition, repairs, management and liquidity of the investment for you. Our profits are based on our performance and thereby YOUR PROFITS.

An Editorial by Charles Sells

Bigger is NOT always better

I was recently at a large national conference watching a presentation about a company offering turn-key investment solutions for investors in nearly 35 states. They claimed they had the “direct bank contacts;” so they could offer a better deal than any other national representative in this arena. To a novice investor, this sounds like a great deal, doesn’t it? I could poke so many holes in this concept, you would more likely have a house made of Swiss cheese, than a legitimate investment opportunity. Let’s focus on the primary trigger phrases here that get people excites:

  • Turn-Key Investments in Nearly 35 States- The staffing and administrative requirements you would need to have (in order to be successful) would be astronomical. There is no way to scale this unless you are a massive corporation – we are talking Blackstone big (who employs over 570,000 people). I don’t think you are going to find Blackstone attending real estate events in order to raise $200k, or $300k to invest in their real estate deals. For one city, PIP has more than 10 staff managers, field managers and multiple site vendors, contractors, and agents in order to properly manage a profitable investment. A proper and legitimate turn-key service provider focuses on specific markets they know inside out and upside down. They provide opportunities in a few states and most likely, only a few specific cities within those states.
  • Direct Bank Contacts-  A term that carried some legitimacy when the market was rocked with foreclosures in 2008/09, but even then it came with a stigma. Claiming a direct line to the banks really doesn’t carry much weight unless you are spending $20mm with them in every deal you make. It is far easier and more efficient for a bank asset manager to offload their inventory to a reliable, established, large fund (like Blackstone) and that is exactly who the bank asset managers want to deal with first. Unless you are a known, accredited fund, or REIT, anyone else contacting a distressed asset manager is considered nothing more than an “Intermediary.” Nobody likes an intermediary; and, if an asset manager is willing to work with an intermediary, it is most likely going to be on a community bank level, whose inventory is always going to be very unpredictable and sparse. In short, there is no real added value to direct lines of communication with bank asset managers; in fact, it can often just slow things down considerably.


Although the PIP Group is a pretty large firm, we still operate with a scalpel, rather than with a chainsaw. We don’t cast a large net over an entire lake; rather, we focus our resources on the best coves within the lake. This enables PIP to work consistently and efficiently with the same attorneys, contractors, agents and vendors time and time again. They know the pace of our operations and the quality of workmanship we expect. Our clients also see that our acquisitions are direct with the bank, which means they are the best of the bunch, rather than the trash they just want to dump to the firms like Blackstone, who have the resources to deal with the junk. By focusing on specific markets, not only can we keep tabs on the economic impacts of those markets, but our field managers to get down to the very simplest of improvements to maximize profits. Things like re-facing kitchen cabinets, rather than replacing. Using hardwood in a certain room, rather than carpet and so on. This is an impossibility if you are marketing as a turn-key provider that does this all over the country.

  • Purchase Price: $84,000
  • Repairs: $24,000
  • Gross Sales Price: $169,800


fix&flip House before
fix&flip kitchen before


fix&flip living room after

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