Investing in Tax Liens With a Self-Directed IRA

In this webinar from Equity University, host John Bowens of Equity Trust Co. talks with The PIP Group’s Charles Sells about investing in tax lien opportunities and how a self-directed (more…)

What are Pre-Deeds?

Pre-Deeds are just what they sound like- tax lien investors have pushed them through the entire foreclosure process and now want you to take over the investment to own, cash (more…)

Wealth Building

Listen as CEO and Founder of The PIP Group, Charles Sells, speaks with Joane “The Tax Lien Lady” on what exactly distressed real estate is and how The PIP Group (more…)

Bank Foreclosure Info about GA, SC and NC

With a 16% annualized performance promise, it is hard to go wrong with The PIP Group’s Passive Profits Program, investing in Fix and Flips in the southeast.  This short video (more…)

What We Do

A Passive Profits Service Administrator?  It is not as confusing as it sounds.  In fact, we take on all the hard work for you!  For nearly 20 years, The PIP (more…)

Basics of Tax Lien Investing and Why We love Illinois

Tax liens can be a great alternative form of investment, but as most investors discover, it takes devotion and hard work.  If it were as simple as “Buy and Profit,” (more…)