The National Tax Lien AssociationNTLA” confirms that every year America’s cities and counties fail to collect $14 billion in property taxes. This money is vital to fund public schools, libraries, parks, fire and police departments, and other necessary services provided by municipalities.  Investing in tax liens not only provides you, the investor, with a safe and solid investment but helps cities and counties continue to operate vital services for its citizens.

Tax lien sales benefit not only local governments, but delinquent taxpayers, current taxpayers, and you, the investor:

  • Local governments can collect the necessary revenue to fund crucial services.
  • Delinquent property owners are allowed time to pay outstanding taxes and to keep their homes.
  • All while you the investor receive penalty and interest payments upon redemption of the past due taxes by the property owner.

As the alternative investment industry of tax lien investing continues to grow, it constantly opens up new opportunities for investment around the US. And continued funding of local governments would be impossible without tax lien investors.