Our Platform


The PIP Group’s Client Interface was created and is managed by Tax Lien Software Development and Analytics, SDA. They are a special company focusing specifically in the tax lien field. Their modular software program, Speedboat, allows us and our investors to monitor and watch, their investments down to the single cent, in real-time. Gone are the days of slow reporting and constant phone calls between clients and PIP. The system allows for our clients to be just as involved in the process as we are. Through an intuitive and easy to follow client login page, our clients and us can manage portfolios, perform specific actions in the investment process, track and manage different investments, request and receive reports, perform in-depth portfolio reviews and see foreclosure projections alongside The PIP Group.

Who is SDA

SDA is a small team of excited and hard-working developers, managers and businessmen all focused on improving and engaging in the tax lien industry. SDA and PIP have been working hand in hand over the past two years and despite being a newer relationship the roots have already grown deep. SDA and PIP together allow for our clients and potential clients to be informed, educated and aware of themselves and their investments while both learning from the resources PIP puts out and through the easy-to-use platform provided by SDA. This relationship between PIP and SDA has only strengthened and allowed for The PIP Group to keep providing high-quality tax lien investments.

Fast Processes

The PIP Group with SDA’s Harbor program provides a state of the art software platform that allows their clients to manage and handle their own investment portfolios. Clients and PIP can both perform extensive portfolio tracking and in-depth portfolio reviews. While The PIP Group is a 100% turn-key operation, we want our clients to be informed and to be involved in their investments.

Flexible formatting

The PIP Group, through SDA’s speedboat application, allows greater control for our clients to add their input and to take their own actions in the tax lien investment field. The handy client portfolio allows clients to engage with their investments in real-time. Our clients are able to review expenses, margins and estimated returns on their investments at any point, 24/7.

Formidable Systems

SDA and The PIP Group bring to the table a new and advanced system that gives our clients an unprecedented amount of interaction and visual representations with their investments. Speedboat allows us to monitor, properties, and auctions, while also providing a secure a and safe environment for private data, in real time.