July 17, 2020

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By Charles Sells

It was barely a month ago (March 2020) that analysts at CoreLogic were declaring the outlook for housing in the future to be, on the whole, positive, after reporting the overall delinquency rate fell to 3.7 percent in December 2019, its lowest level for the past 20 years.

Now a month later, CoreLogic has reported the delinquency rate for January 2020 was down even further – to 3.5%.

But all that was pre-pandemic, when the U.S. was still experiencing a flourishing job market, a strong economy and growing home values.

Today, the outlook is uncertain, at best, with COVID-19’s stranglehold on the economy and housing market not expected to be reflected in climbing delinquency numbers for many months to come, as there is a lag in reporting the numbers. Further, depending on the state, foreclosure proceedings can take months and sometimes years as they wind their way through the system.

Few argue at the eventual outcome, however, and while the scenario is worrying to many homeowners, it presents an opportunity to investors while also providing some relief to those eager to get out from under growing debt before it becomes insurmountable.

Truth be told, the opportunity to profit from investing in well-chosen distressed properties exists no matter which way the housing market trajectory trends.

At the PIP Group we have seen this firsthand during our 20 years as a specialist in this area of investing, helping our clients reap double-digit returns in both good economic times and bad.

The key lies in our focused and extensive research, deep due diligence and always looking out for the best interests of our clients.

Even with current government intervention to ease the mortgage burden for homeowners while we endure a shutdown of business, we know a huge opportunity awaits investors down the road, whether foreclosures start amassing six months from now, as some predict, or 12-18 months later.

Investing in distressed real estate can be a very lucrative — as long as you have the resources and knowledge of the market and know what needs to be done for your property foreclosure investments to make you money. Our team of experienced professionals perform market analysis to determine which areas are the most profitable and which properties are the most viable for possible property foreclosure investments.

The PIP Group specializes in all types of foreclosures including bank foreclosures, tax foreclosures, secondary market foreclosures, pre-foreclosures, and short sales. As the investors, our clients make the decision on which types of foreclosure they are interested in. Then, we handle every aspect of the investment including acquisition, management and liquidation while clients retain 100% ownership.

We have a steady inventory, but more important for our investors, we have the expertise and confidence to read the market clearly and recognize the right investment to match their wealth-building goals.

Are you ready to take advantage of the opportunities ahead?


Charles Sells began his career investing in tax liens at the age of 23. Like many of us, he was enticed by the simplicity and profitability often conveyed in popular coaching programs and weekend workshops. However, experience taught him that success required more than a simple snap of the fingers. So, at 26, Charles kicked the pitchmen to the curb and started his own business, helping investors discover realistic profits investing in distressed real estate. The model was simple: use his growing knowledge, integrity and tenacity to help others grow alongside him, in experience and in profits. One investor at a time, Charles has built a reputable business helping individuals invest passively in everything from tax liens to the ever-so-popular fix-and-flip. Fast-forward 20 years and The PIP Group has transacted hundreds of millions of dollars in distressed real estate investments on behalf of nearly 1,000 investors worldwide. Charles and his team at The PIP Group have taken the stress out of investing in distressed real estate, by enabling investors to have their individual investments remain in their name and their control, retaining 100% ownership, with Charles and The PIP Group team at the helm to make certain those investments remain profitable. Contact him at Charles@PIPGroup.com or 877-335-2529.

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