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The Importance of Transparency in Passive Investing

The Importance of Transparency in Passive Investing When it comes to transparency in real estate, it seems like everyone boasts that they offer it but few people are able to (more…)

3 Steps to Learning your Investment Manager’s True Identity

The internet has truly opened up a “brave new world” for real estate investors. However, with this blessing that enables us to put our money in markets that make sense (more…)

Should You Invest in Areas Hit by Natural Disasters? ThinkRealty Magazine

Carole VanSickle Ellis | 17 Oct 2017 of ThinkRealty Magazine In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, signs of the storm damage are everywhere. Not all those signs are related to (more…)

How not Paying your Property Taxes can Result in Losing your House

In a recent article in the News Gazette, John Roska explains the process of losing your house due to negligent property tax payments. “It’ll take a while. And you’ll get (more…)

Illinois Tax Sales- What You Need to Know…

With the first Illinois tax sales less than a month away, investors are gearing up and asking the usual questions. We thought we would take a moment to help you (more…)