Monthly Archives: July 2016

Goodbye and Good Luck to a Great Leader

This month, PIP turns the page to a new chapter. Don Fullman is stepping down as our trusted leader. Don and I have worked together for 11 years, growing from (more…)

Illinois Tax Sales: In 17 Years, we have never seen THIS

The PIP Group Newsletter, April 2016 Download the newsletter for yourself here Close to $18mm spent with zero return! It happened last year too, but not quite to these levels (more…)

PIP Group wins Master Investor of the Year

Think Realty Magazine, the nation’s oldest, continuously publishing news magazine, dedicated to individual real estate investing, honors 19 outstanding leaders in the industry niche with the 2016 Think Realty Awards (more…)

Georgia Foreclosures and Tax Deeds

Georgia Tax Deed, Foreclosures, and Bank Foreclosure Investing Webinar. Continue reading

Georgia Tax Deeds

Webinar on Investing in Tax Deeds for the state of Georgia
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Tax Deeds and Bank Foreclosures in GA

Webinar for Investing in Tax Deeds and Bank Foreclosures in Georgia Continue reading