Monthly Archives: May 2012

Foreclosure Flood May Not Have Crested Yet

If the national foreclosure crisis were a baseball game, we would be in about the top of the sixth. And we may have to go to extra innings. Since the (more…)

Georgia On Your Mind

If Georgia isn’t on your mind yet, it will be! • Our Acquisition/Setup Fee for Georgia is only 2%!! • Tax Sale Penalty in Georgia is 20% for the first 12 months and (more…)

PIP-West Wins Emerging Growth Award

We are pleased to announce PIP-West has recently been awarded the SCVN Orange County Emerging Growth Award.   The awards recognized those companies headquartered in Orange County that have reached (more…)

Property Tax Sale Bidders Seek Low Prices, High Interest Rates

For the bankers wearing pressed suits and willing to bid six figures at Beaufort County’s annual delinquent-tax sale, the primary goal was earning interest at rates available in few other (more…)

County Tax Auction Set Monday

Beaufort County Treasurer Joy Logan is advising bidders to “bring a pillow” to Monday’s tax sale auction. As of Friday afternoon, about 1,600 delinquent properties were slated to be available to (more…)

Tax Sale Stats Paint an Economic Picture

Beaufort County’s annual delinquent tax sale offers a window into our local economy. Unfortunately, the view isn’t all that great this year. On Oct. 4, county treasurer Joy Logan expects to (more…)